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FAQ (Frequenlty Asked Questions)

PC or Mac

There are many pros and cons to both PCs and Macs. A PC is cheap and you can upgrade it in the
future instead of having to go out and buy a new machine when the old one becomes obsolete.
PCsare more susceptible to viruses and the Operating System takes some time to get used to.

Macs while being expensive are built incredibly well with quality materials.
The Operating system is simplistic, concise and doesn't take long to get used to.
Choosing a PC or a Mac also depends on the kind of work you will be using the computer for.
If you require a computer for gaming a PC is the way to go,  if you are just going to be browsing the web or taking notes a PC is recommended purely on the fact that it is cheap. If you are going to be working on projects like films, music or photo editing a

Mac will probably suit your need better as Photoshop and other software are optimised for Mac.

Is it important to back up computer files Yes.
Backing up your computer files is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to protect

all of the information you have stored on your computer. Although it is sometimes possible to

restore data files that have been lost or corrupted, there are times when files cannot be recovered

unless they have been properly backed up.

How to tell if my computer has a virus

Since a virus is technically an unwelcome software program that is installed on your computer, the

way it affects your computer will vary depending upon the virus program as well as your operating system.
In fact, if the virus is very well programmed, you may not notice any signs of infection at all.

Furthermore, some of the signs that are commonly associated with a virus infection may actually be caused by something else. Still, some of the signs that are most commonly associated with a virus


Your computer starts running more slowly than usual

Your computer stops responding to you or starts locking up out

You start receiving unusual error messages

In short, your computer simply stops acting normal.

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You can also fill a child-size sock with uncooked rice, tie it
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